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Business Services

Where to Start?

You have a thriving business and realize it is time to improve your communications and marketing. You’ve been creating your own business cards and used a website builder to get started but have outgrown those first concepts.


Yes, I can absolutely help you. Let’s talk about how…

Branding & Corporate Identity

Brand building is my emphasis. Branding. Corporate Identity. Colors. Personality. Messaging. Typography. The whole package.


Some might say they need a logo design but they’re really looking for an identity. It’s my job to know that so don’t worry if you don’t. Maybe you created a logo on the fly when you were building your website or your nephew drew it on a cocktail napkin and that’s all you have to start with. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

See the spectacular sandwich slinging at Stalzy’s Deli & Bakery.

Get real with Real Bullets.

Bike with the best of ’em at Beaverdale Bicycles.

Website Design & Development

You can take full control of your online presence. I will help you to get there with an online presence that attracts potential customers.


I’ve developed just about every aspect of a wide variety of websites over the past 10 years. My process is to define and implement UX/UI design solutions that draw on user, business and client needs to create useful, interactive experiences. You can take control with a content management system built on WordPress and made to order.

Retro and Rad with Runner’s Gate

Splashy and sleek by Smith Engineering

Daring and dangerous with Dragons & Titans

Website Design

From boutique to gangbusters, I’ve designed and developed a wide variety of websites. I primarily work in WordPress because it is easy for clients to use and develop on their own.


More than just a pretty face, the websites I develop are based in facts. If you’re not making the most of analytics you’re missing out on a sweet deal. Fact: Facts are great for decision making.

Social Media

Your voice extends beyond your formal marketing and communications. Make your social media channels work as an extension of your brand.

Corporate Identity

The whole package. Some might say they need a logo design but they’re really looking for an identity. It’s my job to know that so don’t worry if you don’t. I’ve got your back.

Graphic Design

The basis for everything I do, graphic design is the bread and butter on which everything I create is started. Print, web, you name it – I’ve got a handle on it.

Marketing & Advertising

The bits and pieces that connect you to your customer. I’d say that an important part of your business success. Maybe you should hire me for help instead of setting this one on the intern’s desk?

Enough about me. See some projects in action >>