Why should you choose Lucky Creative? | Lucky Creative
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Why should you choose Lucky Creative?

Why should you choose Lucky Creative?

That’s a great question with several answers.


I offer professional, high-quality work at a price you can afford. I insist that you get the most bang for your buck. You’re not going to get a lot of up-selling or added clear-coating fees from me. We’re going to have a better relationship if we’re honest with each other.



Above all else, the goal is to build your brand. Professional branding and design adds value to your business and engages customers. Investing in your business is a great idea.




Deadlines will not be derailed. I have a tremendous track record of creating a manageable timeline because I have the experience to understand the scope of a project. Project management tends to be overlooked and undervalued – not at Lucky Creative.



I would love to have a meeting with you, face to face, because I live in America. Chaska, Minnesota to be exact. There are design services across the internet that are actually bunkers in India, mass-producing designs for pennies. They don’t like to admit that they are offshore because it’s much harder to get your money back from them once they infuriate you.



I’m sure that your nephew is a nice person, but do not trust him to build your website in his parent’s basement. If you do go this route you can feel free to talk with me in a year when the wheels fall off.



Have fun with your brand building. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’re investing in your business so be sure to enjoy the ride. It’s a truly rewarding experience.

Well I’m sold. Let’s get to it.